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Saturday, January 06, 2018

President Donald J. TRUMP

The White House (“a real dump”)

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC  20500


Dear President TRUMP,


Now that’s genius!


I’ve always said it takes a real genius to know he’s a genius! 


And it takes a very stable genius to know he’s not only a smart, but a “very stable genius at that!”


Especially when a guy like Dr. Allen Frances who used to be chairman of the psychiatry department at Duke University says:


“He is definitely unstable.  He is definitely impulsive. He is world-class narcissistic not just for our day, but for the ages. You can’t say enough about how incompetent and unqualified he is to be leader of the free world. But that does not make him mentally ill.”


You see?  He’s a professional psychiatrist and he says you’re not mentally ill.  Also, he said you’re “world class!” 


He did say you’re “definitely unstable” but what the hell does he know?  He’s just part of the Democratic plot to assassinate your character because they can’t get over losing the election even though they got 3 million more votes!


Anyway, “Dr.” Allen Frances isn’t a stable genius.  Like I said, you are the “very stable genius” so you’re the only one who could be smart and stable enough to know you’re a “very stable genius.”


Look at the evidence:


When you were running for president, here’s what Paul Ryan said about you:


“I am not going to defend Donald Trump.  Not now, not in the future.”


But now listen to the tune you’ve got him singing:


"Something this big, something this generational, something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership.  Mr. President, thank you for getting us over the finish line. Thank you for getting us where we are."


Now that’s genius!


When Lindsey Graham was running against you, he said, “I think he’s a kook.  I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”


But then you took him golfing and here’s what you made him say:


“Donald Trump on the golf course is a very charming, gracious man. Very funny. Very competitive, but gracious. It's something, to play a golf course with the president of the United States on a course he owns. He's got that big, giant flag there—it's pretty stunning."


Now that’s genius!


When you announced you were running for president, Orrin Hatch said:

"American politics is still looking for a bottom.  This is part of the continued 'celebritization' of American politics. We no longer look for candidates of substance, experience and principle for even the highest office in the land.  Instead we see candidates with famous last names, lots of money, little experience and philosophies driven by polls and political considerations rather than a core philosophy.”

How things change!  Here’s Orrin Hatch now:

“Mr. President, I have to say that you’re living up to everything I thought you would. You’re a heck of a leader. And we’re all benefiting from it.”


Now that’s genius!


I have a question:  When Paul Ryan was talking about your “profound” and “exquisite presidential leadership,” where was your left hand?  The reason I ask is, when Paul Ryan was speaking, I couldn’t see because he was standing behind the podium, but I thought I saw you reach in below his waist while you were still staring straight ahead, and it looked like your arm muscles were straining as if you were squeezing a tennis ball, and the veins in Paul Ryan’s forehead were bulging and his face was flushing from red to blue to purple.  


But back to the evidence:


Ever since you’ve been president, you’ve been teasing Kim Jong Un.  You said your nuclear button was bigger than his. You called him “short and fat.”  You called him “rocket man.”  You threatened that he would be “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” 


You’ve been doing this for a whole year and we’re still not in a nuclear war!  Now that’s not only genius, that’s a “stable genius!” 


Get this:  In the last year, four of your aides, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Richard Gates have been indicted for their connections with Russians during your campaign.


When Donald Jr. got invited to a meeting with the Russians who said they had dirt on Hillary Clinton, he wrote back and said, “I love it.”  Then Don Jr. and Jared were caught red-handed meeting with Russians in TRUMP Tower. 


James Comey testified that you tried to pressure him to call off the Russia investigation and after you fired Comey, you told Lester Holt on TV:


"And in fact when I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said 'you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won'."


Now it comes out that you sent your lawyers to try to stop Sessions from recusing himself from the investigation.  And guess what?




Now THAT’S genius!




Carl Estrada


P.S.  How’s the cease and desist lawsuit against Michael Wolff going—that guy who wrote the book, “Fire and Fury”?  Did you hear what he’s been saying about you?  Here’s what he said:

“100 percent of the people around President TRUMP question his intelligence and fitness for office, with some calling him a 'moron' and an 'idiot.' They all say he is like a child. And what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification. It's all about him.  They say he's a moron, an idiot.”


You’d better shut that guy up fast!  I think it’s time for Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham to go down to the Justice Department and order an investigation!

 P.P.S.  Speaking of cease and desist lawsuits, I want to give you the heads up that I think my grandson Lester might send you a cease and desist letter.  He has a rock band and you’ll never guess what it’s called:  


“Stable Genius.”


They’re pretty good.  You should go see them sometime.


Lester says you stole the name from him.  I just think his feelings are hurt because you never send him an autographed photo no matter how many times I ask.  George W. Bush sent one.  Cheney sent one.  Sarah Palin sent one.  Even Wayne Newton sent one! 


All you’ve ever sent me are those damn “Make America Great Again” bumper stickers that I have plastered everywhere on my car!  I can’t even see out the windows!  And you haven’t even bothered to send me any of those since you got elected!


How much would it cost you to send an autographed photo?  A buck-twenty-five?  You could write it off on your taxes!  Send an autographed photo!  Make it out to Lester!  You’re his favorite “Stable Genius.”  He likes you even better than Alex Jones!



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