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Thursday, July 05, 2007
July 4, 2007
President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

     I bet You’re wondering why I haven’t written You in so long.  I can sum it up in one word, and here it is:

     My wife, Viola.

     She told me if I wrote you one more letter, she’d tie me up and lock me in the closet.  Well, that’s exactly what happened!  I thought she was out shopping, and I started writing You a letter telling You to wait to nuke Iran until October 2008 so you could suspend the elections, and guess what?  Viola burst into the house  with three of her Code Pink friends!  They overpowered me, pinned me to the floor, stuck a needle in my arm, and the next thing I knew, I was bound and gagged in the bedroom closet!

    Well, there I sat in the dark for two long months.  Viola brought me food and water three times a day, and I had to relieve myself in a bedpan.  One day I asked her how long she was going to keep me there, and here’s what she said: “Until your president leaves the White House.”

    I said, “But My President will never leave!  He’ll nuke Iran and suspend the 2008 elections!”

     And Viola said, “I’ll bring you a flashlight.”

    I thought I had about as much chance of getting out as Karla Faye Tucker Brown, but then I got an idea: Viola has a deep, dark secret that only I know about.  If anybody ever found out, Viola would be in big, big trouble.  So I reminded Viola of her little secret and told her if she didn’t commute my sentence, someday, some way, her secret would be told.  

     And guess what?  It worked!  She let me out that very day!

     Speaking of Karla Faye Tucker Brown, remember her?  She was the first woman to be executed in Texas since 1860.  She killed two people but then she became a Born Again Christian.  Just like You!

     I mean she’s just like You because she turned Born Again Christian, not because she killed two people.  You didn’t kill anybody until after You turned Born Again Christian.  
     Speaking of commuting sentences, when You were governor of Texas, Karla Faye asked You to commute her death sentence so she could continue her  ministry in prison.  Here’s what You said:

     "Like many touched by this case, I have sought guidance through prayer. I have concluded judgment about the heart and soul of an individual on death row are best left to a higher authority. . . . May God bless Karla Faye Tucker and may God bless her victims and their families."

     When You were governor of Texas, You executed 152 prisoners.  You were the Babe Ruth of executioners!  I made You a list of the prisoners You executed the last two years You were governor.  Sorry--I wanted to give You a list of Your entire term, but I couldn’t find it.  The record keepers couldn’t keep up with You!  Do You remember their names?  Anyway, here’s who You executed in 1999-2000:

Claude Jones, Daniel Hittle, Gary Miller, Tony Chambers, Stacey Lawton, Miguel Flores, Jeffrey Dillingham, Ricky McGinn, Jeffery Caldwell, David Gibbs, Richard Jones, John Satterwhite, Oliver Cruz, Brian Roberson, Juan Soria,
Orien Joiner, Jessy San Miguel, Gary Graham, Paul Nuncio, John Burks,
Thomas Mason, Robert Carter, James Clayton, Richard Foster, James Richardson
Michael McBride, William Kitchens, Tommy Jackson, Timothy Gribble, Ponchai Wilkerson, Odell Barnes Jr., Betty Beets, James Moreland, Glen McGinnis,    Billy Hughes Jr., Larry Robison, David Hicks, Spencer Goodman, Earl Heiselbetz Jr.,    
Sammie Felder Jr., Robert Atworth, James Beathard, David Long, Jose Gutierrez, John Lamb, Desmond Jennings, Domingo Cantu Jr., Jerry McFadden,    Alvin Crane, Richard Smith, William Davis, Willis Barnes, Raymond Jones,    Joe Trevino Jr., James Earhart, Kenneth Dunn, Charles Boyd, Ricky Blackmon,    
Tyrone Fuller, Charles Tuttle, Joseph Faulder, William Little, Clydell Coleman,    
Jose De La Cruz, Aaron Foust, Excell White, Charles Rector, Norman Green,    Andrew Cantu, Danny Barber, George Cordova, Martin Vega, Troy Farris,                          John Moody

     Whew!  Scooter Libby should thank the Lord that You’ve softened up on crime since You were governor of Texas!

     Speaking of lists, I also made You a list of all the brave American soldiers who have died since June so we could make the world safe from TERROR!  I thought You’d want to check it to see if there’s anybody You know.  Here they are:

Pfc Steven A. Davis, Pfc Andrew T. Engstrom, Chf W.O. Scott A.M. Oswell,    Lcpl Juan M. Garcia Schill, 1st Lt. Christopher N. Rutherford, Sgt 1st Cl Raymond R. Buchan, Lcpl William C. Chambers, Spc Victor A. Garcia, Pfc Jonathan M. Rossi, SSgt Michael L. Ruoff Jr, Lcpl Jeremy L. Tinnel, SSgt Robb L. Spc James L. Adair, Sgt William Wayne Crow, Pfc Cory F Hiltz, Sgt Shin W Kim, Sgt Michael J Martinez, Sgt Giann C Joya Mendoza, Spc Dustin L Workman II, Staff Sgt Daniel A Newsome, Cpl Derek C Dixon, Sgt 1st Class Nathan L Winder, Pfc Andre Craig, Jr Sgt Trista L Moretti, Pfc Henry G Byrd III, Spc Carter A Gamble Jr, Spc Eric C Palmer, Sgt William E Brown, Phil Campbell, Spc Derek A Calhoun, Sgt Joel A Dahl,    Sgt Chris Davis, Sgt Joel A House, Spc Joseph P. Kenny,    Sgt Jimy M Malone, Staff Sgt Michael D Moody Jr, Airman 1st Class Jason D Nathan, 1st Lt Daniel P Riordan, Pvt Shane M Stinson, Sgt Michael J Montpetit, Spc Dominic N Rodriguez, Pfc Daniel J. Agami, Spc Karen N. Clifton, Pfc Anthony D. Hebert    Pfc Thomas R Leemhuis    Sgt Alphonso J Montenegro II Pfc Raymond N. Spencer Jr., Pfc Jerimiah J Veitch, Sgt Ryan M Wood, Pfc David J. Bentz, Maj Sid W Brookshire, Spc Joe G Charfauros Jr, SSgt Darren P. Hubbell, Sgt Shawn P. Martin, Sgt Frank Sandoval, SSgt Stephen J. Wilson, Spc Darryl W. Linder,    
Pfc Joshua S Modgling, Sgt 1st Class William A Zapfe, Pfc Larry Parks Jr., Sgt Eric L. Snell, Pfc Jacob T. Tracy, Pfc David A. Wilkey Jr., Spc Zachary A. Grass,    Sgt Danny R. Soto, 1st Lt Frank B. Walkup IV, Pfc Michael P. Pittman, Maj Kevin H Sonnenberg, SSgt Michael A. Bechert, Cpl Dustin R. Brisky,    Spc Farid Elazzouzi, Spc Josiah W. Hollopeter, Sgt Derek T. Roberts, Pfc Casey S. Carriker,    Sgt Richard K. Parker, Pvt William C. Johnson, Spc Damon G. Legrand, Lcpl Johnny R. Strong, Lt Col Glade L. Felix, Pfc Cameron K. Payne, Airman 1st Cl Eric M. Barnes, Cpl Llythaniele Fender, Spc Adam G Herold, Staff Sgt Brian M Long, Cpl Meresebang Ngiraked, Sgt Cory M. Endlich, Pvt Scott A Miller, Snr Airman William N. Newman, SSgt Timothy B. Cole, Pfc Shawn D. Gajdos, Sgt Matthew Soper, Sgt 1st Cl Greg L. Sutton, Tech Sgt Ryan A Balmer, Sgt Caleb P Christopher, Sgt Andrews J Higgins,Staff Sgt Matthew J Kuglics, Pfc Justin A. Verdeja, Sgt James C Akin, Staff Sgt Greg P Gagarin, Sgt Tyler J Kritz, Sgt Robert A Surber, Sgt Kimel L. Watt, Pfc Joshua D Brown, Spc Romel Catalan, Spc Jeremiah D Costello, Spc William J Crouch, Sgt Dariek E Dehn, Sgt Shawn E Dressler, Spc Keith V Nepsa, Staff Sgt Travis W Atkins, SSgt Juan F. Campos,    Sgt Bruce E. Horner        

     Do You know any of those people?  I sure don’t.  Sorry--I wanted to give you the complete list of the 3587 American soldiers killed, but it took 185 pages!  It almost crashed my hard drive!  Besides, by the time You receive this, the list will be longer--I just can’t keep up!

     Anyway, I just wanted to wish You and Laura (Your wife) a Happy Independence Day!  And what a day it is! America is free!  Iraq is free!  I’m free!  And Scooter Libby is free, too!

Carl Estrada

P.S. What kind of sleep meds do you like?  Viola likes Ambien but I won’t go near the stuff--makes me walk in my sleep.  I don’t like Benadryl, either--makes me gittery.  I recommend Lorazapam.  You’ll sleep like a baby!



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